About Bartholin's Travel Blog

This blog was thought to a great opportunity for us, the family of Batholin's,  to provide family and friends a closer insight to our trips around the world. 

Another goal is to inspire travelers to our favorite destinations, provide suggestions along with personal experience to stunning places, accommodations, Do's'N'Dont's where to go for sights, and last but not least, the hunt for gourmet dining, whether it's Michelin starred restaurants, or amazing street food. 

                                         TIP: The Restaurant, Olivers With A Twist @Tenerife is a great place for                                            dinner. However, you need to book a table some months before arrival..

Our 1st destination as couple was Germany, Berlin, however we did not noticed much about the city, instead we spend the time being in love, and yet we do have some experiences to share in an article soon to come.. :) So here goes Spain, Tenerife in August 2015. (Click below) where we celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
Our 2nd trip was a destination of both of our dreams. Vietnam, Asia in April 2016

TIP: When you go to Hanoi. Find a great cafe and enjoy the local beer or Egg coffee and watch the chaotic order in the streets of Hanoi.